Experts in New Product Introduction and Technology Licensing

Since 1990, Cayton Communications has helped high technology companies with

  • creative market strategies
  • market research
  • leading edge product marketing
  • technology licensing
The company's president, Brian Cayton,

- has over thirty years of experience in the development, design, technical support, marketing, sales and licensing of high technology products and technologies. He has headed product development groups, spear-headed the introduction of over fifty new leading edge products to the marketplace and "championed" those new products to success.

- has published dozens of technical articles; written over 1,000 application notes, data sheets, technical manuals, brochures, press releases and whitepapers; and contributed chapters to prominent reference books.

- has presented over 100 dynamic seminars on a broad range of topics including semiconductor applications, data communications, computer software, computer networking, infrared control technology, selling and marketing. These seminars have targeted such varied audiences as engineers, accountants, consultants, executives and business owners.

- has successfully negotiated many highly profitable technology licensing agreements with both major domestic and international corporations.

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