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Engineering Design Services

In these competitive times, you not only need great marketing, you need a cost effective product you can rely on. Cayton Communications works closely with Innotech Systems Inc., a leading-edge provider of engineering design and development services. Innotech Systems has specialized in all aspects of integrated circuit design services, as well as complete product development from concept through physical design and design verification.

Innotech Systems Inc. creates digital IC's up to 5,000,000 gates, and analog and mixed-signal IC's for a wide variety of applications and markets. Bringing embedded wireless control to the ultimate in its evolution, Innotech has become a technology leader in embedded voice control and infrared remote control systems. Innotech Systems Inc. maintains three facilities, conveniently located in Boston and suburban New York.

Since 1990, Innotech Systems philosophy has been to work closely with its customers to deliver quality products and services - on time - through leading edge technology and personalized service.

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