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New Product Introduction

Cayton Communications specializes in introducing new products to the marketplace. This entails implementing all the phases of new product introduction including:

  • Business planning
  • Market research
  • Creating product differentiation
  • Writing and producing promotional and technical literature
  • Pricing For profit
  • Promotion and advertising
  • Tracking the myriad of details required for the most dynamic product release

Product Marketing

Cayton Communications is expert in every phase of marketing high technology products. Cayton Communications understands that customers buy solutions, not technologies, and knows how to translate your technology into your customer's needs.

Cayton Communications understands the fine distinction between features and benefits and how to make this distinction benefit you.

Cayton Communications can differentiate your products from your competition and position them in your customers' minds.

Cayton Communications knows how to price your products for maximum profit.

Cayton Communications knows that one of the best way to communicate your message is through seminars. Cayton Communications will create and present dynamic sales and customer seminars.

Cayton Communications understands how direct mail can be the most cost effective and powerful means of reaching targeted audiences regionally or nationwide. Brian Cayton has written, produced, and managed successful high volume direct mail campaigns totalling several million pieces.

Pricing For Profit

Obviously, if you raise your prices and your volume remains the same, your profits will increase. But everybody knows that raising your prices will decrease your volume. Or will it? Some companies have found that raising their prices increased their volumes - and their profits even more. We'll tell you how they did it, and why it worked.

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